Xplor Eastern Canada: The Document Derby

Sep 27

In this world of ever-changing technology and dynamic market trends, customers have more information at their fingertips than ever before and demand more frequent and relevant communications from the brands which they choose to engage. This is the challenge with which today’s businesses are faced – to ensure that their customer communications are high value touchpoints that will enhance customer experience and drive engagement.

This educational event will feature industry leaders, Nick Romano and Len Baker, sharing their experiences and insights on when, where and how to enable relevant communications with a customer-centric perspective.  The panel discussion, as moderated by Dennis Quon, will examine optimizing the customer experience through high-value, interactive communications in today’s world, where customers can be reached through many communications channels – but the key is to determine the omni-channel communications strategy that best serves an engaged customer, an impactful message and a high-value interaction for the best customer experience. Throw your hat into the derby for a rousing debate about customer communications!

So, what can you expect to learn? How to develop an effective customer engagement platform, ensuring that every interaction with a customer is meaningful, timely, relevant, and accessible.

Who Should Attend? Customer Experience professionals, Enterprise Digital Strategy leaders, Marketers, Data Analytics Managers, Compliance, Innovation, and Technology Officers.

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Date: 27 September 2017 3:30pm