Webinar: How does “Omnichannel” affect customer experience?

Sep 28

Two of the most popular buzzwords in customer communications today are “omni-channel” and “customer experience” (CX). These concepts are both very important when building your customer communications strategy; organizations that focus on improving customer experience see benefits in customer retention and satisfaction, and omni-channel capabilities are one of the key points in improving customer experience. 

In this webinar, Mark Miller, President and CEO of MessagingDirect Ltd will explore and help you understand:

  • What does “omni-channel” mean, and how is it different than “multi-channel”?
  • Why is omni-channel important to the customer experience?
  • How can we apply the concept of omni-channel to various industries and types of communication to improve the customer experience?

Event details

Date: 28 September 2017 12:00pm